Sserwanga Lwanga’s son Drops UPDF for Parliamentary Politics

Retired Captain Leon Lwanga Lumaga, son to the late Lt Col Sserwanga Lwanga, an NRA hero and former Principal Private Secretary to President Yoweri Museveni, has dropped his position at the Uganda People’s Defense Airforce for to run for Bujumba County MP position.

Who has been at the Airforce for not more than 10 years first wanted to contest in 2016 against the MP Fred Badda but was denied exit from the army.

Him and his guardian James Kibuuka Mulowooza pleaded with then Chief of Defense Forces Gen Katumba Wamala for Lumaga’s release but all attempts fell on deaf ears.

Lumaga, then Leiutenant and guardian Mulowooza then turned to rallying support for President Yoweri Museveni as efforts to release Lumaga were underway.

Lumaga continued with efforts to mobilize support for less privileged Islanders with help from friends in the Western world.

At the time of his early release, Lumaga is said to have been a principled young officer, always welcome to major UPDF offices including that of the CDF Gen David Muhoozi, Lt Gen Joseph Musanyufu, the army Joint Chief of Staff, Lt Gen Charles Lwanga Lutaaya, the Commander Air Forces among others.

“There are times we though Leon would be arrested for arguing with the top officers but in the end, we only saw love and dove tailing.” A source in the Air Forces says.

His main supervisor Brig Mpagi, the Chief of Personnel and Training at the Airforce has always praised his staff for excellent and delligent.

“We consider him brilliant and assertive. He is also argumentative, but seems young.” Kassim Wasswa, a voter in Kalangala town told The Post.

When contacted for a comment, Lumaga laughed off saying Ugandans should wait for the right time to ask Political questions.

Lumaga and his father Late Sserwanga Lwanga were born in Bumangi, Mugoye Sub County Kalangala District. Upon his death, about three decades ago, President Yoweri Museveni donated a school, Sserwanga Lwanga in memory of the fallen NRA hero.

Lumaga is set to battle with incumbent Julius Mukasa Opondo, former MP Badda Fred and Fred Kintu Ssemaala, a brother to former MP Sam Ssemaala.

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