Sseninde Leads Entebbe Leadership Scorecard as MPs Tumusiime, Ssematimba Trail

A scorecard done by the media fraternity in Entebbe has watered down all work done by the Members of Parliament elected in the Entebbe Metropolitan area.

Despite efforts by the MPs Peter Ssematimba and Rose Tumusiime to effectively reach out to the public in the last 18 months of their tenure, the Journalists say, none of them has performed the core parliamentary roles in the 10th Parliament.

The journalists who covered the MPs from the inception of the 2016 – 2021 10 Parliamentary sessions awarded Peter Ssematimba a meager 11% in the performance of all roles of an MP which include among others; legislation, oversight of all government programs and driving communities in development.

Despite supporting children through the Ssematimba foundation, Ivan Walunyolo, the NTV correspondent for Entebbe says he is never felt in the Busiro South constituency fabric.

MP Rose Tumusiime Bikaaku was however awarded paltry 36% contrary to the National 6.6% award. Rose Mary Sseninde has however scored the highest mark of 73% in the execution of parliamentary business, playing oversight, skilling constituents and acting as a Minister in charge of Primary Education.

The journalists offered among other reasons, the absence of Peter Ssematimba from the constituents yet he never delivers matters of national importance in parliament.

The journalists who say act as “the eyes and ears of the public” also said the MP despite his squandering academic qualifications never even consulted his constituency enough in key Parliament decisions which also included the amendment of the Article 102 (B) which led to the lifting to the higher age limit cap to allow people beyond 75 years of age contest as Presidents of the Republic of Uganda.

Similar arguments have been raised by the journalists on MP Tumusiime who they claim, despite returning to the constituency a year towards elections has not raised a matter of national importance in Parliament.

New Vision correspondent for Entebbe Mr. Julius Luwemba recollects that in 2017, during the infamous Entebbe women murders, Ms. Tumusiime never raised a matter of National importance in Parliament, “only to be seen standing surety of Gen Kale Kayihura the former Inspector General of Police who superintended over the National Force during the infamous women murders.”

Tumusiime, despite having active community development initiatives is said to spend most of her time inhouse according David Isabirye, a senior sports writer within the area.

“She represents Entebbe Municipality in Parliament but she spends most of her time inhouse. People wonder where she is because she neither appears in Parliament or the constituency. Other MPs usually visit the constituents and attend parliament,” Isabirye says.

Sseninde has been credited for being a multi tasker who excellently performed as an education Minister, Female MP, skilling many of the people within her jurisdiction.

Entebbe Mayor Vincent Kayanja and Div A chairperson Stanley Namayilira PHOTO BY GSA

Other leaders

Vincent Kayanja De Paul the Municipal Mayor scored up to 62%, being credited for working with all departments and agencies within government to steer Uganda’s gateway. Kayanja, according to the journalists boasts of greatly implementing the USMID program, uplifting the road network within Entebbe, upgrading the Taxi park and Market place.

He is also credited for engaging partners in the different cities world over to enhance development within Entebbe Municipality, one among them is the partnership with the Wuhan City of the People’s Republic of China.

His failure to take effective decisions however water’s down his ability to progress as a leader of an institution such as a municipal authority yet he superintends a semi-autonomous local government institution. 

“He is however a coward. His cowardness supersedes his ability to make serious decisions that would enhance strategy and development on behalf of the municipality.” Says Diana Kibuuka, the Central Broadcasting Service correspondent for Entebbe.

Ronald Kalema Basamulekere, the Katabi town council Chairperson according to the Journalists within the region scores 60%. Despite being a land rights advocate, the fraternity also indicated that Mr. Kalema has been flexible and approachable for the vast majority of the people he leads.

“The vast population in Katabi town council however blames Kalema for not honoring promises he makes each time he gets to the people in community and town hall meetings which costs him abilities in the service delivery manual,” Says Julius Luwemba.

Stanley Namayilira the Entebbe Division B and Mike Kabwama Mutebi the Division A Chairperson scored 20% and 23% respectively. The journalists however sympathized with the two leaders saying all works and activities are mostly handled at the Entebbe Municipal Council.

However, Trevor Lutalo a Journalist without borders with the area says Kabwama since ascending to office, has never distinguished between the Division A chairmanship and that of the NRM Political party within the area. “NRM leaders took over his office. He now operates from the streets.”

On the periphery, Journalists however commend Kabwama for creating awareness for the office he holds. “He makes a lot of noise which makes his office relevant,” says Ivan Walunyolo.

The research was based on the roles of each and every leader according to the Administration of Parliament and the Local Government (CAP 243) Acts. 75% of the journalism fraternity within the area responded to the questions set by Entebbe Post

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