Special Forces, Air Force senior officers beef over Entebbe mayoral elections

There is a rift within two major security fabrics within the Entebbe area stemming from the loyalty of some of its senior officers who participated in partisan politics campaigning for different candidates in the Entebbe mayoral elections.

The rift in the Defense Air Forces and the Special Forces Command has also seen officers at the rank of Major and Captain suspended from assigned duties pending investigations.

Sources within the Special Forces command told Entebbe Post that the seven officers in question supported the NRM Candidate in the race Mike Kabwama Nyamayaalwo while those in the Defense Air Forces were suspended for supporting Independent candidate Fabrice Rulinda.

Rulinda was early this week declared winner by the Wakiso District Returning Officer Tolbat Musinguzi prompting riots and disagreements from the National Resistance Movement and Democratic Party stalwarts.

The candidates also accuse Capt Barbara Birungi, the Intelligence Officer at the Air Force Clinic and Lt Col Mark Dans Kamugira, the special assistant to the Commander Special Forces, also first son Muhoozi Kainerugaba for harassing people and ordering the Returning Officer to announce Rulinda winner of the election.

Barungi Barbara, formers an officer at the Special Forces and former assistant to Maj Gen Leoparld Kyanda has severally colaborated with Lt Col Mark Dans Kamugira the Special Assistant to the First Son to carry on covert political operations in quest for Political power.

Currently, tensions are increasing in the two security institutions are several senior officers who fear to be named remain disillusioned as Kamugira, a former Director Civil Military Cooperation is reportedly derailing the name of the institution for personal benefits.

The officer’s acts led to the riots that marred Entebbe City and the later death of a cyclist and the injuring several other protestors around central market in Div A, Entebbe.

“Commanders on ground reported too much injustice on the side of the NRM Candidate and the Democratic Party candidates. Special Forces senior commanders are also disgusted with Kamugira’s behavior of using the institution to not only fulfill his personal desires but also to hoodwink its leaders in an effort to curtail civil liberties.” A source with the top management of the special forces told Entebbe Post.

Currently according to sources, it is dangerous to declare support for Mike Mutebi Kabwama in the Special Forces while it remains dangerous to declare support for Fabrice Rulinda in the Air Forces.

“Since 2014, both Barbara and Kamugira linked politicians to the Powers and brokers within the security forces. Even when Capt Barungi was fired from the special forces, she remained close to Kamugira seeking relevance, which turns dangerous to the Politics and the relations between the Military and the civilian population.” An NRM cadre in Entebbe who feared to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter revealed.

The Entebbe race attracted up to six candidates including DP’s Vincent Kayanja De Paul, ANT’s Kenneth Simbwa, NRM’s Mike Kabwama Mutebi, Independent Candidates Fabrice Rulinda and Muhammad Kawuma and NUP’s Nalongo.

Candidates Kayanja who is also the incumbent Mayor and Mike Kabwama Mutebi have already petitioned the Electoral Commission and court to nullify Fabrice Rulinda’s declaration.

When contacted, the UPDF and Defense spokesperson Brig. Flavia Byekwaso said she is not aware of the latest developments in the security institution. She said she would investigate and clarify immediately.


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