South Sudanese refugee killed in a bar brawl in West Nile

Police in West Nile has arrested five people to help with investigations after a South Sudanese refugee was killed in a bar brawl at the Bidi-Bidi Refugee Settlement in Yumbe district in West Nile.

The camp which was set up after clashes in South Sudan between the rival political factions intensified and several of the dwellers within in the Africa’s youngest nation migrated, fleeing unrest.

They have been living in the camp for more than four years.

Now, the refugees involved in a bar brawl that one killed and several injured.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the deceased identified as Ohisa James, 35, died of excessive bleeding after sustaining head injuries inflicted on him by his friend Arkanzelo Lodong, aged 32. Lodong is currently among those in police custody.

Others in Police custody remain undisclosed by the Police in Yumbe District.

Police says, after investigations, the five will be paraded before the High Court in West Nile to answer charges relating to murder and man slaughter.

There have been several cases of violence amongst the refugees in the Bidi bidi camp in West Nile.

The 250 square mile camp houses up to two hundred and seventy thousand refugees who fled their country due to the civil unrest that took place in South Sudan in 2017.

Up to now, the dwellers in the camp fear returning to their country thinking the clashes between President Salva Kiir and Vice President Reik Machar may erupt again, leaving several dead or injured.

Police has called upon the refugees to stop engaging such violence.

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