“Small businesses are the answer” Rosemary Tumusiime

Entebbe Legislator Rosemary Tumusiime has applauded initiatives of her constituents that have gone an extra mile to start small businesses to sail through the CoronaVirus Pandemic regardless of their original jobs and professions being on hold.

The legislator revealed during a meeting with Entebbe Bodaboda leadership whose followers have been greatly affected by the covid-19 partial lockdown.

“We have seen teachers, aviation workers, bodaboda men, bar owners indulge in other trades like produce vending, chappati baking,agriculture to earn a living…..this should be a lesson that everyone needs a backup business, sadly we can’t rely on one source of income.” Tumusiime says

“That’s why I started and initiative to support small business with capital boosts through the “nsindika njake” project, so that they will thrive, our people cannot live by handouts, therefore I implore people to have a side business however small it may be” Tumusiime adds

The Entebbe leaders want the president to let them carry passengers again, stop the accumulation of interests on loans by banks and also the ministry of health to effect SOPs that will minimize the risk of disease.

Entebbe Bodaboda leaders during the meeting

The legislator is confident and will front the ideas of the Bodaboda cyclists before parliament and the relevant committees to forged a way forward.


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