Slay Queens Paint Twitter with Beauty

Twitter has for the past few years been known for less gossip but more interaction between different stakeholders. One would be bored with more official engagement. 

For instance, the social media site, in Uganda has been known for direct interaction between the different government officials, parastatals and multi Nationals with direct responses to clients from Police, UNRA, MTN, Banks, among others. 

However, the site has of late been swayed with the ever increasing number of slay Queens wishing to be taken through what happens there, posting sexy photos that attract attention. 

“It is one of the tricks they use to create engagement and following,” Isaac Kizza one of the tweeps says. 

First it was Martha Kay with musicians Lydia Jazmine and Winnie Nwagi sharing fun and gossip as fans followed the game. 

Well as Twitter allows direct engagement, the social media site regulates the number of characters one can use while tweeting which at first took people away from using the site. 

However, the number of tweeps engaging different bootylicious young slayers has increased those wishing to use the site. 
Facebook however remains the most used social media site world over.

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