Shs 24 trillion invested for sustainability of water development by Nile Basin Countries

The Executive Director Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) Secretariat Mr Seifeldin Hamad Abdalla has said the capacity for sustainable water development will be improved by the transformed water management system of the Nile basin countries investment of USD 6.4 billion (Shs 24 trillion}.

“The meeting provides the Nile basin countries an opportunity to discuss investment opportunities of USD 6.4 bn, we need to promote the transformation of our region for  better future, this can be done if the member countries did more on their part” he said.

Mr Hamad made the remarks during the 56thNile day celebrations held virtually in Entebbe on Monday at the secretariat in Entebbe.

“This unique and congested program requires your intuition and pro activity to ensure a successful execution. Roles have been shared as per the programs targeting a balanced participation of the governance and other stakeholders” he said.

Mr Hamad said there is need to realize transformative investments that can address the basin challenges which has leveraged investments worth more than USD 6.5 billion.

“The elevated institutionalization of the trans boundary function provides an opportunity for dedicated financing and sustainability of the trans boundary considerations in the national planning and development. Ultimately this breeds hope of wise and sustainable utilization of common water resources among riparian states” he added.

The senior water resources management specialist at the NBI secretariat Mr Michael Kizza said there is need to draw attention for the management to respond to emerging issues before they become critical.

“We need to enhance shared understanding of biophysical trend and characteristics of the Nile basin highlighting regional policy options and potential joint actions” he said.

The Nile Technical Advisory Committee (Nile-TAC) chairperson Ms Jacqueline Nyirakamana said note that this meeting is important for the institution as it provides an opportunity to assess the mid-year performance of Nile-SEC as well as provide input and final plans to the subsequent important events of the Nile day. “I count on your usual selfless, frank and open engagements to ensure a successful and fruitful meeting to favor the nile basin countries” she said

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