Shoreline Watch: Kasenyi Landing site Boss – Kalunga raring to end poor fishing practices

JohnBosco Kalunga is simply a man of his word and committed to ensure the good use of the lake and keen to protect the interests of the fishing folk and the regulatory authorities.

“I am ready to fight poor fishing practices because they expose the lake to misuse and degradation…….this means I will have failed as chairman if those participating in the vice come out on top.” Kalunga says

A fishing and trading town of Kasenyi’s caliber would be boasting of good roads, proper market infrastructure, good health facilities, fish processing plants, and recreational facilities and back hotels.

Alas, the situation is indifferent to your expectations and the inhabitants are shook by poverty, they survive on the lake and on rare occasions do they save. Those that feast from the lake treasures come from a far and they take the fortune home.

Surely there are vices that come with fishing and for so long the government has tried to bite those that stand on the offensive side. And such vices hold the town from progressing and attaining it’s true full potential.

The new vice is stuffing undersized dry fish mostly Nile perch in sacks of silverfish(mukene) and moving it to DR.Congo and Rwanda for extra profit. But this leaves the lake resources purely diminished.

A few offenders have been apprehended and their “goods” impounded, and legal action taken upon them. However Kalunga and his team with the blessing of Maj. Nuwagaba of the Fisheries Protection Unit are confident they will not rest until they foster sanity at the landing site.

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