Several schools cleared for Thursdays reopening

By George William Kakooza

Several schools in Entebbe municipality have been cleared operate ahead of Thursday’s reopening of schools after seven months closure following President Museveni’s directive to close learning institutions in a bid to avoid the spread of Covid 19.

On Tuesday, the Principal Education Officer Mr Daniel Ndaga handed over certificates of compliance from the ministry of education and Sports to several schools that have fulfilled the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) required by Government for the reopening.

While handing over the certificates at Entebbe Changsha Model Primary School, Mr Ndaga said school inspectors have spent two weeks inspecting primary and secondary schools with a good number qualifying for the reopening after the assessment.

“Out of the 52 primary schools, 48 have complied and in the secondary section of the 13 schools we have, so far 7 have the requirements in place” he said.

Head Teachers from various schools attended the meeting for the issuing of Certificates. Photo by George W Kakooza

Mr Ndaga added that schools that didn’t qualify or meet the required standards will not be allowed to reopen to students and advised parents to enroll students in qualified schools to avoid inconvenience since registration of candidates will be done by mid November.

He asserted that most school head teachers took the process for granted yet it is a Government directive to control the Covid 19 pandemic from spreading to students who have to carry on with their studies in the new normal.

Mr Ndaga added that the schools are to run either the day program or boarding but not both and will be required to maintain the SOP’s with non compliance leading to cancellation of the certificate.

Changsha Model Primary School Head Teacher Ms Robina Nakamya (R) checks out some of the sanitisers that were on display. Photo by George W Kakooza

The principal inspector of schools at the directorate of education standards Kyambogo Mr Apollo Muhumuza said schools must score above 60 percent of the minimum requirements to qualify for the reopening with those scoring 50 to 59 being given a week to put all the requirements in place and schools below 50 remaining closed

Entebbe Mayor Vincent De Paul kayanja noted that visitors will not be allowed in the schools in abid to curb the spread of Covid 19.

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