Sembabule’s Mateete football club to groom international football prayers

By Wilson Kamukono

Mr Mehmet Ihisan Kalkan a Turkish Businessman who doubles as the president of   Mateete football club who devotedly supporting football in Sembabule Mateete in particular to have international football prayers.

He said that the African continent has brought very serious stars to world football.

“When you think of Africa, footballers come to mind. I also saw that there are very young talents in the matches. There are those who are undiscovered and need support. They need a structure that can be extended to them. Therefore, this is futile. We saw it, and we took such an initiative to take part there as well, to increase the cooperation between our countries, that strong dialogue, and to be hopeful for our football players there.” He told this reporter

He noted that the concluded tournament of Idi which attracted many teams in Mateete was just a beginning to identify talents and groom them into international players.

“Currently, a Ugandan friend of mine is managing and directing the team there as my assistant. Therefore, we have to do our work there remotely at the moment. In the future, we will also make necessary changes in terms of infrastructure. By strengthening the infrastructure, we will take the necessary steps to give hope to the footballers there and to make them truly stars on the world stage,” Mr Mehmet Mateete football club president said

He noted that their priority is to get a world star out of there and they are advancing to form a team to discover young talents and we shall equally continue our work throughout Africa by adding very experienced football players to our squad.

“In order to bring the Mateete football team to a good place, we will do our best to achieve success by cooperating with the teams that have a voice there. I believe that we will bring world stars out of dusty fields.” He said.

Mr WilliamTumusiime who is the current assistant president and taking care of the Sembabule based team revealed that their target is to come up with a national team and later a professional team at African continent saying some young people are talented but they lack support and training.

“With Support of our president Mr Mehmet I have no doubt that we shall have world class products given the grooming and support,” He said

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