Security Officer prepares, deliberately shoots protestor in free Bobi Wine Entebbe demonstrations

A security officer sent on mission in Namulanda along Entebbe road has deliberately shot a protestor in the free Bobi Wine riots in Entebbe. Bobi Wine whose original names is Robert Kyagulanyi is the leading opposition Presidential Aspirant in Uganda.

The riots started after Robert Kyagulanyi, commonly known as Bobi Wine was arrested on Wednesday morning in Luuka, a district in the eastern part of Uganda.

Riots broke out in Kampala, Jinja, Masaka and Entebbe where more than eight people were killed.

In Namulanda, a suburb in Entebbe City where Uganda’s state house is situated, protestors blocked the main Entebbe road barring all vehicles in the Uganda’s Gateway.

Entebbe Houses Uganda’s state house, the only operational airport, the Special Forces Command head Quarters, the UN Regional Service Center, Uganda’s UPDF Air Force among other installations.

On alert that protestors had cut off Uganda’s gateway, security offices from the different contingents were immediately deployed to immediately calm the situation.

Upon reaching Namulanda, protestors started exchanging stones with officers who had immediately started shooting in the air and at protestors, trying to bring the situation to order.

An eye witness, also a reporter at Entebbe Post keenly observed a soldier, in military uniform prepared, shot in the face of one of the protestors in the face, thereby killing him instantly.

“I saw him prepare. He first shot in the air; he later prepared, reorganized self and aimed into the face. I called my colleagues to also capture but I had been left alone. It was a tragic moment capturing an officer aiming directly at a protestor,” says the reporter.

Later, a Special Forces Liaison officer at the Police headquarters in Entebbe was seen with a host of other officers, lifting the body of the deceased, loaded on a security patrol vehicle and later taken away.

It is not clear where the body has been taken at the moment.

Other protestors were left injured as most fled from the scene to secure lives.

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