Security Forces Seal Off Polling Stations as Chaos continues.


All routes leading to Banga and Bugonga polling stations have been blocked by Police and Military operatives this morning.

As Village Youth Council elections went into a stalemate on Monday in 4 villages including Nakiwogo- Banga, Busambaga, Lugonjo, and Bugonga.

The police and Military have deployed heavily on day 2, relying on the rowdiness of the voters portrayed on Monday.

A Police Truck blocks an access road in Bugonga near the polling station

However, the whole exercise was characterised by chaos especially in Banga and Bugonga, and the elections have failed again for a consecutive day and it will be upon the District Electoral Commission to find a resolution.

Voters line up behind their preferred candidates

In Bugonga, a group of youth attempted to take part in the elections regardless of the fact their names didn’t appear on the village voters register.

The Police later intervened when a fight ensued between NUP and NRM supporters, and whisked away the Polling agents and Presiding officers.

The Covid-19 guidelines set by the Ministry of Health were unachievable, due to the large numbers that turned up for the polls.

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