Ronald Ssenyondwa; the man to give Peter Ssematimba a run for his money?

Ssenyondwa Ronald announced his bid to run for the Busiro South Member of parliament seat but clearly asserted that he will first convince his party delegates in the NRM primaries against incumbent Peter Ssematimba.

The Marketing genius, Rotarian cum Politician joined the NRM party in his youthful teenage years way back in 1992.

Ssenyondwa is popular for his 15-year long stint in the Tourism Sector and he has served in different capacities in the Rotary Club of Entebbe.

He has been the President of the Rotary Club of Entebbe from July 2019 to 30th June 2020 and has overseen a number of the Rotary club’s projects.

The very recent is the delivery of 10 patient monitors to Entebbe Referral Hospital and the Medical Health camp at Kanonakali health centre where over 300 people received free Medicare.

The Busiro South Aspirant informed Entebbe Post that he has been challenged by the shortcomings of the incumbent Peter Ssematimba who has not lived to his promises and expectations in the greater areas of the constituency.

This serves as a driving force for him to make a difference and he further expounds on the idea of service delivery and lobbying for his constituency. And having great experience in marketing he hopes to support the Youth demystify the Unemployment problem.

Keynote areas and ideas in his Manifesto:

“Busiro South has issues with water and sanitation, most especially when it comes to areas around our beautiful lake Victoria, we do need to address these issues.”
He stresses that improved bio-digester latrines should now replace the old latrines that are dug directly and he hopes this will protect the water table and even produce biogas as an end product hence protecting the environment.

“The road infrastructure that is being improved all the time by government needs to be protected and maintained by mobilizing our local communities to ensure sustainability. You can only mobilize and support your local councils, and population only if you stay with and amongst them and understand their local dynamics.” Ronald Ssenyondwa adds

“Busiro South has many women, single mothers, widowed mothers who can supplement their household income. As a community, we can come together in the village or sub-county level and unite in associations and get soft loans that they can use to start up charcoal stalls, smoking fish, bricklaying, Art, and crafts for tourists. This requires a person who will lower himself to his people and understand what they go through, what they endure throughout the year to maintain their families together safely and healthy.” says Ssenyondwa

“I feel when we play that small part in all our constituencies, we shall have a better country after the 5 years as legislators. we should also be mindful of the need to support all government programs which definitely are geared towards the economic transformation of this country. we can only do this through legislation in support of Government budgets to finance the different sectors of the economy.”

I am very sure we can read between the lines and see that we need to be all behind or rather in support of the President’s effort to take this country to the industrialization level which he sees and visualises for our beautiful motherland.

We should be mindful of what we have so far achieved over the years and ensure that we consolidate every single step this country has taken through the able leadership of HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and protect them against anything anyone w may antagonize them for the benefit of our great-grandchildren.

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