Residents Castigate Journalist for Reporting People Power Supporters Distributing Masks

Island residents at Mwena fishing Village, in Kalangala town are up in arms casting Twahika Kajubi for allegedly reporting calling Police to arrest People Power Supporters.

The supporters, led by Ssemagulu Male, a Kyamuswa constituency Parliamentary contestant on the People Power ticket were donating the pressure group branded masks at the landing site.

However, on sight of the supporters, Kajubi who works for the Vision Group allegedly invited Police which briefly detained them.

The residents led Richard Lukyamuzi a local resident at the fishing Village attacked Kajubi for the act.

“We demand to know which Institution Kajubi clearly works for. It seems he is advancing causes of the security and regime pundits instead of Journalism,” he said.

He was later saved by other island dwellers who asked the People Power Supporters not to engage in any violent act.

The People Power team has been in Kalangala since Monday this week distributing masks to Islanders.

Kajubi, she contacted didn’t pick calls made by Entebbe Post to seek clarity.

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