Realms of Child Sacrifice Killing Decadence in Entebbe

By Moses Ssentamu

In July this year, Police, led by the officer in charge of criminal investigations at Entebbe CPS Herbert Rugubwa Rugyendo, stormed Busambaga, a cell in Entebbe Municipality where a 5 year old girl had been hacked.

The hacking, according to witnesses occurred when the five year old girl, after being left alone home, went to a close neighbor for solace safety and security. The neighbor, now suspect turned against the young girl’s will, raped her before he hacked the innocent girl to death.

“He later dropped the deceased in a sack and dumped her just besides the house he lived in. He later ran away, ruining his life and that of the young girl.” Says Richard Ssemujju, a resident of Busambaga in Entebbe municipality.

The suspect was later arrested by Police and now, remains on remand at Kigo Prison pending trial of murder and defilement cases.

The sacrificing of a young girl’s life by the suspect remains part of the bigger child sacrificing problem in Entebbe and Uganda in general. The phenomenon that has embedded itself within traditional customs according Entebbe leaders bears no genuine relationship to decadence.

“The appeal to “cultural beliefs” is actually an excuse used by witch doctors to justify their crimes.” Says Zam Wasswa, the chairperson Bunono cell in Entebbe municipality.

One of the affected children

Shafic Kugonza a resident of Katabi Bunono cell in Entebbe a father of five children recollects of how her daughter aged 5, had been snatched by one of his family members for ritual sacrifice

He explains that on 5th August this year, his nephew, Haruna Natukunda plotted to take her daughter Rahmah Kugonza. On the due D-day, he goes to check on the family but found one of her daughters missing. “I immediately launched the trace as to where her daughter had gone missing or was still with friends playing,” he says.

On the search he found out that his nephew had taken her daughter to some distant islands.

He suspected something strange, he immediately reported to the LC 1 chairperson Zam Wasswa who responded to the search and it was later discovered that the daughter had been taken to Kasenyi fish landing site and she was on board with the nephew

Kugonza narrates that he made an alarm, notified the landing site operators who responded and stopped the boat yet to set off with Natukunda, his nephew and the daughter. “They opened up a case with Katabi sub county police station with file number 24/05/08/2020 child trafficking.” Kugonza says

Such occurrences prompted the officer in charge of criminal investigations in Entebbe Rugubwa Rugyendo to call upon all residents within Entebbe to remain alert, vigilant and responsive to duty bearers whenever a call to rescue a reportedly trafficked child from being sacrificed.

“We call upon residents to always be alert and notify police immediately in case of any suspicious person most probably still in blood stained clothing. We thank the vigilance of the wanainchi so far, long smooth coordination has always been fruitful gruesome murders have always been apprehended.” Rugubwa says

More than 10 children within the area have suffered child sacrifice and trafficking in the last two years.

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