Race for Entebbe Legislative Slot gets Tighter

The Entebbe Municipality race for the Member of Parliament slot took a different turn as eight(8) candidates showed up for nomination and Incumbent Rosemary Tumusiime rejoined the contest on Friday.

Rosemary Tumusiime says she will continue to serve her constituents

Tumusiime returns after having lost the National Resistance Movement(NRM) primaries to Shayka Stephen Gashaija a while ago; she has been duly nominated as an independent candidate.

Subsequently, after her nomination, Tumusiime went ahead to inform Entebbe Post that it is time to accomplish the few remaining key points in her comprehensive manifesto, and she hopes to continue serving her constituents.

” I have taken my time to arrive at this decision, after our victory was swindled in the Party Primaries, we still have a lot to accomplish and we are looking forward to the next term.” Says Tumusiime

NRM’s Stephen Shayka Gashaija

Lawyer Shayka Stephen Gashaija is the official NRM flag bearer for the Municipality Legislative race after he swooped a major vote in the party primaries.

“My Candidacy is sure of making Entebbe a better place as we move into a City status.” said Gashaija after nomination

National Unity Platform(NUP) fielded former Democrat Micheal Kakembo Mbwatekamwa after he was declared favourite to run by the Kamwokya based electoral management committee ahead of Stuart Lubwama.

“Our Victory was stolen in 2016, but we are set to guard our vote this time around and ensure that the people’s voice is heard in 2021,” Kakembo assured all the Journalists present after getting a nod as a full-fledged candidate.

Kakembo is confident he will get a landslide win

Kakembo hopes to consolidate his vote from the 2016 general elections, after he lost to Tumusiime in 2016 on a slim margin.

Forum for Democratic change(FDC) blessed their very own Abubaker Walusimbi who hopes to change the political narrative in Entebbe and hopes to boost Tourism if he attains office.

FDC’s Abubaker Walusimbi

“Entebbe is indeed a blessed place, for they have a leader in me, and I will surely impact change in the several sectors running from fisheries to Tourism, to make our City great again.” Walusimbi said

The Democratic party paraded an unfamiliar candidate,Balihafi Micheal Kalle who featured on the Entebbe Municipality ballot paper back in 2016 as an Independent.

ANT’s Wilberforce Sseryazi

Mugisha Muntu’s Alliance for National Transformation(ANT) put all their hope in Lawyer Wilberforce Sseryazi who doubles as the party’s spokesperson nationwide.

The other candidates are Joyce Namuli Nabatta and Pastor Livingstone Odinga Jaramogi who are both plying as independents.

The Entebbe Municipality Race is anticipated to be tense since it does not present any favourites in pole positions to win the tightly contested legislative race.

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