Ps Ssenyonga swears to crash Pastors ‘blackmailing’ him

Christian Life Church lead Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga has excused with hatred reports that he has been swindling a great many shillings from individual ministers.

Minister Ssenyonga says, the reports were an indication that he is very nearly crushing ‘specialists of Satan in the congregation of God that he has been battling without holding back, for the most recent decade.

“They have felt the fire. I’m going to twofold it. I won’t surrender until I rout these villain’s representatives.”

Ssenyonga says that the evangelists he has been chastising throughout the long term had ganged up and figured they could quietness him with noxious reports about him. Ssenyonga told a friend.

“None of what they are saying has an ounce of truth. We will crush them and their representatives,” he said, adding, “I’m not astounded that phony ministers and gay ministers have ganged up to coerce him.”

I anticipated that this should happen quite a while past. Presently, they are taking cover behind obscure online media records to battle me. I won’t quit uncovering them until they stop the misdirection, admit and go to God”.

The minister who has a megachurch in Makerere, close by his Top Media establishment (Top TV, Top Radio) has been on the cutting edge of uncovering ministers he asserts are ‘phony’. His proclaiming in chapel and on his media have declarations from adherents who share their encounters of being conned, blackmailed, or explicitly manhandled by some enormous ministers in and around Kampala.

Ssenyonga who has made it his business to name and disgrace the said evangelists is currently on spot over claims by ministers hailing from Greater Luweero who blame the Christian Life Church lead evangelist and associates of conning them their well deserved cash through his ‘bye biwempe’ crusade.

The allegations, as per reports, tracing all the way back to 2005 when Ssenyonga supposedly tried to mediate, join ministers and help them construct better places of God. That he likewise professed to organize them with backers and top government authorities.

One of the ministers, Moses Akampulira whose assertion has been circling via online media in the recent days said ministers asked sh20,000 each for enrollment. The minister says chapels were not worked till today.

In any case, Mr. Richard Ssemuwemba, one of the orderlies at Christian Life Church asks why it has taken Akampulira 16 great years to come out to request his Shs20,000 from Pastor Ssenyonga.

“This shows malevolence. On the off chance that he realizes where to discover Pastor Ssenyonga, for what reason doesn’t he go to him and request to be repaid his cash, so he could say, the minister would not discount his cash? This person is a fat liar.” Ssemuwemba pondered.

Alice Namwebe excessively questioned the rationale of Pr Ssenyonga’s informers.

“At the point when I heard the reports. I really accepted they were blaming him for taking at any rate 1,000,000 peddling from every one of them, you can’t say somebody conned you of sh20,000 and you are a genuine minister. These folks are very unserious.”

“At the point when we come to holy places, we give more than sh20,000 in tithe, offertory, improvement, or whatever movement for the congregation. On the off chance that these individuals at any point supplicated with Pastor Ssenyonga, perhaps they gave that cash as a seed for service. We realize Pastor Ssenyonga assists ministers with building chapels, yet it isn’t reasonable for anybody to say they were conned of sh20,000 and were anticipating a completely fabricated church! Unmistakably, there is an off-base thing here. It doesn’t sound good to me.” Namwebe said.

The originator of Christian Life Ministries who composes on his LinkedIn page that he needs to be “an impetus for uniting pioneers across categories in urban communities across America just as numerous different countries”, is a non-traditionalist evangelist who has stepped on numerous toes of ministers with his rough, directly to the point lecturing. His way of lecturing has acquired him numerous admirers and haters.

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