Promoting Tourism, Sports and Theatre; Meet Entebbe’s King Saha

By Charles Nyakaana (Pride of Entebbe)

Mansur Ssemanda better known by his stage name King Saha, is a Ugandan recording artist, songwriter social activist and entrepreneur. He is known for his hit song “Mulirwana”. He sings with an electrifying voice in RnB style , Also known for his distinct, raspy voice and catchy lyrics that have earned him a legion of loyal fans since he came on to the musical scene.

Born on 2nd September 1989. A true son and original of Entebbe, Grew up in Division “B” in Kigungu behind the Entebbe airport and an alumni of St Agnes Primary School Entebbe on Kitasa road , a school founded by religious nuns of Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix – Ggogonya in 1930 as a catechetical school on the principles of Christianity , The school known for its academic performance since 1972.

During his time at St Agnes, King Saha used to sing in the Bugonga Catholic Church Choir. He produced the lead vocals and he won a music competition that aimed at identifying talent in the youth. At the competition, he won the Best in Folk Song award and was offered a bursary to study while paying half of the school fees up to secondary education while the other half was catered for by the bursary.

Today he has received several awards such as Uganda Entertainment Awards (UEA), HiPipo, Rising star award and numerous nominations in the Ugandan music industry. Within a short while, he moved from being a backup artist for musician Jose Chameleon, to a musical hit maker.

King Saha and Songstress Shebah Karungi

He makes his music with an electrifying voice in an RnB style, however he also mixes in Afro pop which has enabled him to make collaborations with various artistes such as Sheba, Spice Diana, Weasel, Pallaso and many others.

With a sound and style that uniquely combined, King Saha’s’ diverse musical influences and blurred have challenged the social and racial barriers of the time, he has ushered in a whole new era of rich Ugandan music and popular culture. Saha’s dynamic life story from his humble beginnings while schooling and growing up in Entebbe through his rise to stardom is a fascinating journey which has earned him his still undefeated title of the ‘King of Afro pop’ a true Pride of Entebbe.

You’ll often hear musicians saying how ridiculously lucky they are to live their dreams for a living, to travel the world doing something they love and be adored for it. Perhaps that’s why so many of them dig deep when it comes to charity. Even when you’re very rich, a million is no pocket change.

King Saha’s songs till today are loved and are unforgettable and he continues to produce hits after hits.

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