Pro – Uganda Gov’t change Catholic priest charged with murder

The Uganda Police has charged a pro change Uganda government catholic priest in Masaka district Rev Fr Richard Mugisha with murder after a thief who was arrested by a village security team trying to steal his car, a Toyota Harrier died in police custody.

According to members of the village security team who are now dismayed by the Uganda Police’s charges against the Priest, the deceased robber identified as Ronald Kyeyune, broke into Fr Mugisha’s residence located at Bisanje Catholic Parish on the night of October 13.

During the concluded national elections Rev Fr Richard Mugisha, together with a number of youthful catholic priests rallied citizens to vote for the National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert kyagulanyi aka Bobi wine for president in order to oust Uganda’s longest serving leader Mr Yoweri Museveni in a democratic election.

According Daily Monitor, after the thief’s arrest   southern regional police spokesperson Mr Muhammad Nsubuga said by the time police rescued Kyeyune, he didn’t have any injuries, but he later developed complications and died as he was being rushed to Masaka Regional Referral Hospital. 

The Police charge sheet

In an interview with Daily Monitor on Friday, Fr Mugisha wondered why police preferred murder charges against him yet the suspect died in the hands of police.

“Why did police prefer murder charges against me when I was the last person to reach the crime scene? I did not kill anyone, by the way, I would be the one complaining because the windscreen of my vehicle was vandalised,” he wondered.

He questioned the motive of the attacker, saying he started the engine of his car and also hooted several times.

“I am still asking myself why that man (Kyeyune) hooted several times, did he want me to move out of my bedroom so that he kills me? Why did he mimic my voice to call our house help to open the gate? It seems he had a hidden agenda,” he said.

Mr Joseph Mutayomba, the chairperson of the Bisanje Village, who is also facing murder charges, said his team was near Fr Mugisha’s home at the time of the incident and when they heard a car hooting several times, they became suspicious and rushed to the scene.

“Upon entering the gate, we surrounded Fr Mugisha’s car and when we checked in, we found a naked man in the back seat and had smeared himself with motor vehicle oil all over his body,” he said.

Mr Mutayomba said they managed to overpower Kyeyune and tied him with a rope before calling the police. “It is not true that the suspect was flogged to death because he was taken by the police when he was still alive,” he said

The National Unity Platform (NUP) Principal Mr Robert Kyagulanyi through his social media accounts on Saturday expressed his displeasure at the Uganda police’s actions.

“This is the catholic priest who urged people to vote for change and called out the regime on human rights abuses. A thief was caught stealing his car and taken to police. The thief was later reported dead in police custody. Now the priest has been charged with murder” he said.

Excerpts from Daily monitor

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