Presidential Aspirant Timothy Mugerwa, Steps down for Bobi Wine

Presidential Aspirant Timothy Mugerwa, of the Green New Deal Party has on Friday afternoon accepted to step aside in support of the People Power candidate Robert Kyagulanyi.

Mugerwa announced his stepping aside in a press conference held at Tropic Inn, Masaka City saying his new front will be to unseat Joseph Gonzaga Ssewungu in Kalungu West constituency.

Mugerwa told the press that even when he had gathered an average of 200 signatures from each district in Uganda, with the increasing number of contestants, he decided to step aside to act as an example for other contestants to step aside so as to have a joint opposition candidate who can challenge President Yoweri Museveni’s grip on Power.

“It is incumbent on me to get back to my village and represent my people in Parliament. Our efforts as opposition is to front one candidate. If others use me as an example, it would be nice. It makes no sense to have 50 candidates. Others may disagree with me but it may not help.” He indicated

His manifesto, widely based on the restoration of climate within the country is said to be one of those factors the People Power Movement is jetting down as part of its campaign manifesto. He says, a new and common ideology is needed as part of the efforts to help Uganda “revolutionize from dictatorship.”

“I will however engage and convince him to support the Green New Deal Platform. I believe it will not be difficult for Kyagulanyi to endorse and incorporate Green New Deal in his manifesto,” he says.

In February this year, Timothy Mugerwa was cleared by the Electoral Commission to consult voters as he aspired to contest in the 2021 General Elections. Entebbe Post is yet to establish if hon Kyagulanyi understands Green New Deal Party.

Born in Lukelere, Kalungu West Constituency, Kalungu District, is the leader of the Green New Deal and the former leader of the African Climate Change initiatives.

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