Police officers accuse ASP Tumukunde of extorting money to get them on promotions list

Officers at the different Police Out Posts and stations across the country have accused Assistant Superintendent of Police Davis Tumukunde of the police human resources office of extortion.

An investigation done by Entebbe Post across the country has indicated that ASP Tumukunde has on several accounts solicited for money from different Police officers especially at a similar of Assistant Superintendent of Police as an inducement to let them get on the promotions list.

According to a sample of 49 police officers who responded to the questions asked by Entebbe Post reporters, 23 had recorded messages while 16 of them had kept mobile money messages sent on to Tumukunde’s phone, inducing him to help them get promoted.

“He initiates the discussion, asks if you would be interested in being promoted or transferred to a different out post and later determines a given amount of money that would be payed before any process would be initiated,” says a Police officer in the Kampala Metropolitan area.

ASP Davis Tumukunde

The officer’s argument correlates with that of other officers in the Bukedi, Wamala, West Nile and Rwizi regions who say, in January 2019, Tumukunde allegedly asked for Ugx 3 million from each to ensure that they can get promoted.

Unfortunately, some of the officers who gave in such money were neither promoted nor transferred.”They all in turn faced Tumukunde asking him to refund their money which he didn’t.” An officer at the Police Human Resource Department says.

Reshuffles in the different agencies including the Uganda Police Force are supposed to be free. It is not clear why ASP Tumukunde, a junior officer in the Human Resources Department could solicit such funds from other officers.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga says such corrupt tendencies from both the giving and receiving end cannot be tolerated within the institution.

Enanga requested all aggrieved officers to send their complaints to the Police Professional Standards Unit for further scrutiny, investigation and prosecution. “That is where such cases are reported,” Enanga says.

There has been an increasing number of people across the country accusing the Uganda Police Force for being corrupt and incompetent. However, such cases are reportedly on the decrease according to the 2019 Uganda Police report.

Some officers now are calling for the dismissal of ASP Tumukunde, as a way of disciplining the officer for engaging in acts of soliciting for bribes from other police officers to send a message to the remaining serving officers to end the vice.


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