Police officer disappears with an SMG and 30 rounds of ammunition

By Kalangala Police

Yesterday 09/12/2020  at around 0700/c two police officers  no. 69731 PPC ELWEU EMMANUEL  and   no. 68708 PPC IDRIS NASSUR went with MBABAZI GEOFREY (FOREST SUPERVISOR KYAMUSWA B) and other forest officers for forest patrol in Funve central government forest reserve located at Kachanga-Funve village Mawala parish Mazinga Sub-county in Kalangala district.

Reaching in Funve central forest reserve, they divided themselves into two groups. Each group had one police officer.

The group of no. 69731 PPC ELWEU EMMANUEL while in the middle of the forest found a lady by names of NAMATA SUZAN burning charcoal. NFA officers started asking her where other people she was  working with, then that she was with her husband by names of DUMBA IBRAHIM who had taken off after receiving information that police and NFA officers were coming.

From there, PPC ELWEU EMMANUEL saw a man who was peeping them in the forest. He started chasing him while firing bullets. Later that man identified as DUMBA IBRAHIM said that when a police officer was firing bullets in air, he stopped.

According to DUMBA IBRAHIM a police officer started hitting him with a gun batt and he (Dumba) also pushed a police officer down with his gun.

Dumba said that “, immediately a police officer rose up he shoot me on front side of right thigh and bullet passed out through behind part of the thigh. I then took off to get out of the forest for rescue. As I was still at the shores of the Lake, forest officers and one police officer  found me and brought me to Kalangala Health center lv for treatment”.

Right now No. 69731 PPC ELWEU EMMANUEL with SMG rifle no. 565833347-37122 is nowhere to be seen. We have entered a second day looking for him but in vain.

A case of disappearance of No. 69731 PPC ELWEU EMMANUEL with SMG rifle no 565833347 – 37122 has been opened at Kalangala CPS vide sd ref 14/10/12/2020.

Namata Suzan (suspect) has been arrested for cases of illegal Activities (charcoal burning) in Funve central forest Reserve.

A group of police officers went for search in Funve central forest reserve and up to now they are still there but in vain. Another group of police officers led by OC station Kalangala have today proceeded to Funve central forest reserve to re-enforce the first group.

“There was direct confrontation by Dumba Ibrahim to No. 69731 PPC ELWEU EMMANUEL since Dumba Ibrahim pushed a police officer down,” The Police statement reads

There was illegal Activities (charcoal burning) in Funve central forest reserve. There was firing of bullets that led to shooting of DUMBA’s right thigh.

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