Police Hunting for Entebbe Shopkeeper Murderer

By Lawrence Mushabe

Police in Entebbe is investigating circumstances that led to the murder of Yasin Tugume, a Shop keeper found dead in his house on Monday Morning.

The incident happened in Bunono cell, Katabi town council. The deceased known was found dead laid in a pool of blood. 

According to the Robert Nuwabine, a close friend to the deceased, Tugume was last seen on Sunday evening at around 8:30pm and was left shocked to hear sad news about his death on Monday Morning.

“I am so saddened by the loss. I last met him at his shop; he even gave me Sugar on credit. I guess he May have been murdered but God should pay back whoever did it.” Nuwabine said.

The deceased is said to have spent over 4 years in Bunono. He left his family in Kasese. He has been operating his retail Shop in the area.

The deceased is said to have been one the strong Muslims in the area but he did not appear at the Mosque in the early morning prayers that put his fellow Muslims in panic prompting a search for him. Later was discovered dead, in his house.

Police in Entebbe arrived and took the body to the Hospital for post mortem as investigations continue.

Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Luke Oyowesigire says Police has commenced investigations into the sudden death.


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