Photos: Experiencing Kalangala’s Finest, Brovad Sands Lodge

Brovad sands lodge is a whole great experience. With preferred weather, beautiful greening, the resort beach hotel is next to none in the island district of Kalangala.

It has managed to retain the position as the leading destination for hospitality in the Ssese islands. It recently reignited itself with a new look and better experience.

Here is what you need to know about Brovad Sands Lodge

Elegance on the Beach

A luxury lakeside haven, situated on the beachfront acres and shoreline of Lake Victoria in Kalangala lies the Brovad Sands Lodge. Beach, Resort & Residences is committed to the well-being and safety of guests, team members, residents and the community at large.

It is the highest, most elevated beachside resort in the paradise of the Ssese archipelago, fringed by nature.

Experience from a transformed gallery lobby, decadent new adult pool experience, luxurious rooms and suites, a bound to delicacies restaurant, Brovad enhancements offer elegance, style, and timeless beauty.

Stepping into a world of elevated luxury, relaxation with unprecedented accommodations and service, Brovad, the islands finest provides a wealth of activities and games that will keep you, the kids entertained all day long.

The lush grounds and forested nature feature outdoor living room settings with sumptuous furniture on lakeshore paspalum grass and are dotted with umbrellas in the resort’s signature blissful colors, lounge chairs punctuate the blue and green hues of its natural surroundings.

Kalangala, being an archipelago of 84 islands, with only 63 habitable, several rocky islands offer great water experiences with sights and sounds with white larvish sand that leaves a whole memorable experience that describes marine tourism.

At Brovad, with a highly comfortable Marive Vessel, a speeding boat takes you around, touring the lush vegetation with a guide, familiarizing the great island experience.

“The Photos we take while touring using MV Brovad provide a memorable experience. Worth the auxins, sitting high above, describing adventure with a serine environment,” a tourist says.

Just a short walk from the resort, water spots are fascinating, watching the sun rising and sun set daily around a swarm of fishermen enroute for fish hunting. “5 minutes walking distance is enough to start viewing nature.” Says Brovad Sands Lodge Manager Eric. The Jet Skis, Stand up Paddle Boards, Surf Lessons and more can also be made available for whoever needs them.

With its ideally situated location the Resort Beach Hotel is situated on the world’s top destinations with ambience great enough for a successful retreat with the aroma.

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