People Power leaders in Kalangala Petition EC over annulled elections

The returning officer of the National Unity Platform in Kalangala District Ronald Lwanga has petitioned the Electoral Commission office in the district seeking indulgence on who is the rightful winner of the Mwenna youth local council elections.

The election that took place on Monday this week saw Bernard Ssabwe being elected as the chairperson of the youth council.

However, on realization that an opposition candidate had won the race at his residence, the RDC Daniel Kikoola ordered for a fresh election, prompting protests and arrests within the area. The winner Bernard Ssabwe refused to join the race, calling it “sham and illegal.”

Later, an NRM candidate William Mutebi was elected unopposed. However, Lwanga says, the process was fraudulent and requires clarification on the highlights of what transpired and why many of the electoral procedures were flawed.

“As you are aware, the Independent Electoral Commission called for nomination of candidates for Special Interest groups, village youth committees inclusive between 29th July 2020-5th August 2020. The National Unity Platform (NUP) to that effect nominated 9 candidates for Mwenna Villages.” Lwanga writes

He also indicated that the independent electoral Commission conducted elections of Youth Village Committees on 17th August 2020 where our candidates emerged victorious even when the first election was contested and repeated on the same day. He also noted that the immediate competitors from the NRM appended signatures of consent to the results and the Electoral Commission declared NUP candidates as winners on the same day.

“We however hear allegations that the same commission conducted a similar election for Mwenna village and declared another committee without notice to the National Unity Platform.” He says.

The electoral commission returning officer for Kalangala Ann Namatovu did not answer calls made by Entebbe Post. The National Unity Platform, in the recent village youth council elections won 80% of the village youth councils in Kalangala District, prompting anger amongst the NRM leaders within the area.

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