People arrested during elections are criminals – Min Peter Ogwang

The Minister of State for Information, Communication Technology and National Guidance (ICT and National Guidance) Hon Peter Ogwang has said people who were recently arrested and detained by state security operatives during the election period are criminals with known criminal records.

“The people who have been arrested are those with criminal records. How many people in Mwiru’s Constituency were arrested? Some areas within the government used excessive force but I appeal to Ugandans to work within the confines of the law” he said.

Ogwang made the remarks on Tuesday while appearing on NBS tv when asked on the recent arrest, detention and brutalization of people by security forces that mainly targeted members of the National Unity Platform (NUP) during and after the recently concluded national elections.

 Ogwang who was appearing alongside Jinja Municipality East MP Paul Mwiru on the show said all people detained were criminals and the country had moved on from the elections and brutal arrests by state security.

“The country has moved on despite a few challenges. We in government, are looking at how to make the economy recover from this pandemic. At the moment, it’s only the position of the Speaker that’s beginning to hit up but the country has moved on. Those who had issues are already in the courts of law” he said.

Ogwang said although NRM loosing seats in central Uganda exposed the party’s weakness, it was a sign of democracy in the country.

However Hon. Paul Mwiru said the country has not yet moved on from the election period.

“The election cycle ends with the court process. There are lessons we draw from the last cycle of the electoral process. We are supposed to unite as the opposition and form a front in Parliament. Parliament can be a front if well utilized” he said.

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