Panic as one of the NRM MP elects in Kyankwazi retreat tests Covid 19 positive

Fear and panic has engulfed NRM MP elects currently in the Kyankwazi retreat tested positive of Covid 19.

This has been revealed in a report by the NRM Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba to the press on Thursday.

The MPs traveled to their induction and retreat that happens at the beginning of every Political term of office. The retreat started last week. The MPs were testing for the second time since the retreat started.

The Secretary General also indicated that all measures are in place to isolate and test other MP elects to arrest the situation immediately.

One of the MPs Entebbe Post has spoken to said all Members of Parliament are currently engulfed with fear as many believe would have been infected since they interacted and associated with the leader before.

“Lets see how the issue is being managed,” she said.

President Museveni is expected to address the MPs at the retreat.

More than 15 Politicians, MPs have tested Positive and some died of the World Wide pandemic (Covid 19) since broke out.

More details follow.

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