Over 3000 households in Entebbe Municipality gain from food donations as Katabi residents urge for relief

Over 3,000 households in Entebbe municipality have so far gained from food reliefs donated by several individuals through a task-force led by Nuhu Njuki the area deputy Resident District Commissioner (RDC). According to Robert Kiggundu the chairperson of Redcross Entebbe branch, whose team has manned the food distribution process, several categories of people have so far gained from the donation.

“We have so far distributed to areas like Manyago, Virus, Kitooro central, Lugonjo-Nakiwogo, Nsamizi, Bugonga, Lunnyo, Kiwafu, Kigungu among many others, on addition to different groups of people with more vulnerable needs than others,” noted Kiggundu.

On Friday, Steven Shaka another resident of Entebbe municipality donated 2 tonnes of maize flour plus 50 bunches of Matooke. “We have heard reports that people who are suffering from some illnesses, are not favoured by posho, hence decided to supplement the donation with Matooke among other reliefs, to help the most needy,” expressed Shaka.

Katabi Residents yearning for Food reliefs

However, as more people continue to donate food items to Entebbe municipality, residents of adjacent Katabi town council continue to appeal for donations. “It is over a month ever since the lock-down was announced and up to now, we have not received any donations from the Prime minister’s office which is mandated to distribute food items to us,” cried Umar Nkola one of the area residents.

This prompted the Town council chairperson Ronald Kalema to write a letter to the Prime Minister’s office expressing concern over delayed distribution of food to Katabi. “Following the presidential directive where your office was tasked with distribution of food reliefs, i request your office to consider immediate delivery of relief items to a healthy population,” urged Kalema. Seehttps://entebbepost.com/katabi-chairperson-seeks-answers-on-food-relief-delay/

The town council chairperson went ahead to lobby for over 5 tonnes of maize flour, packed fish, powdered milk among other items which were distributed through the area task-force. Part of the donation was given by Victoria Treasures Ltd, a company within Katabi town council which deals in Fish processing and export and Thriving tecnologies Ltd. Through its managers, Mohammad Issaq, Auruth Anand and Zulphar Nsiyona, the company donated 2 tonnes of maize flour.

Part of the donation has since been channeled to mothers with Children suffering from hydrocephalus and Spina bifida, the elderly and sick people. However, the town council with five parishes and a population of over 11 million people, still needs more donations and relievers from the current ripple effects of Covid19.


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