Opinion: I hope after all this, there will be Free Patriotism Classes!

By Lucky Kobugabe

I hope after all this, there will be free Patriotism classes! That we shall be given free yellow T-shirts with the beautiful picture of our president taken by the newest IPhone in Portrait mode, get all the angles right, edit out the blemishes and get the lighting right.

I hope that the woman who slept in the market for 40 days is taught the importance of loving ones country after they heard about how much our representatives were sharing in the House.

I hope that the 10 children who waited for their mother who went to work and never returned, get a chance to jump to Chaka muchaka if they ever go back to school. Because you see there is need to internalize discipline. Their mother shouldn’t have been out there past curfew.

I hope that the people eating one meal a day so their posho and beans generously given by our loving government don’t get finished so fast, can partake in this class. The regiment that teaches you to be grateful for what you get.

I hope the man who lost his wife and child because they couldn’t get to hospital, is invited to partake in the drills. Songa mbele! Reminiscing about the good days when we were liberated!

I hope the boda boda man who was clobbered for being a few minutes late doesn’t miss out! In the glimmering T-shirt singing, “Ou Ugandaaaa…” because when you raise your feet that high, you will be reminded about how much you love your country.

I hope the thousands of laid off people get a chance to stand in the sun, huge stick across their chest to their shoulder, understand how it felt like for those with the guns who freed us!

I hope that after those Kajanja elite people are more keenly asked to surrender their ka 10k in peace, just a ka 10k COVID-19 tax, they are given a more deliberate scolding for this kind hesitation. Don’t you love your country?

I hope the patrons of our Patriotism keeping the country’s donations safe, keep us at their mercy. Teach us well, make us understand why it is important that they share the money amongst themselves because us, we would be reckless with that kind of money!

Because otherwise, the things this period is teaching us are ungodly things, cowardly habits. And God forbid we forget the drills!

Lucky Kobugabe is a Human Rights Expert and Activist and a vocal Feminist. She has always stood for Women’s Rights and the plight of the girl child.

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