Opinion; COVID 19 Vaccine! We should all participate in invention

By Sylvester Ssemugenyi

Am indeed sorry for the innocent death of our loved ones particularly in the European world, I pray that God provides a merciful hand to combat the disease.

I personally appreciate all the strategies that the government has put in place to prevent wide spread of the virus, however am worried of the other mild symptoms that are being observed in the recent weeks by professionals; physical and mental fatigue,loss of sense of smell and lack of appetite.

The above symptoms shows how serious the pandemic, I think our governments beyond looking at the lock-down,they could also put much emphasis on the development of a vaccine,otherwise this seems to be a real terror by the pandemic.

Traditionally before the pandemic when a person died the whole village mourned for about five days and now people die in a hundreds and thousands and relatives don’t even have a chance to mourn them

Uganda is so far applauded as one among those countries with no single individual reported dead of COVID 19 but it’s ridiculous that a number of friends and relatives are in their houses suspicious of each other of causing the pandemic as if they have never been together before close and closer.

Which worries me and everyone however is the increasing number of COVID 19 cases day by day while the frontline staff are under threat of contracting the same disease.

What surprises me most is the unfounded rumour for the development of the vaccine and the relayed misconception coming with it.

Am aware there are a number of vaccines undergoing trials, where we may stand to be at risk of being a tasting ground. Scientifically if we all agree that no virus has a cure but many have vaccines against them, then why would you not want to be part of the effort to develop a vaccine than to wait for USA, UK, German, china and the rest of the western world bring us a finished product and say here is the vaccine for you.

I think it’s neither early nor too late for Uganda and other African countries to start and invest heavily in the vaccine invention because if we miss in action to discover the appropriate vaccine it may be another era for the big powers to control Africa in cases they discover any.

Some of us think the cases and death to COVID 19 is just a number but that you count is someone’s mother,Father, daughter or son, we need to come from counting numbers to having a feel of what our brothers and sisters are going through in this traumatising situation especially when they loose their loved ones

The writer is a health rights advocate


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