Opinion: Condoms, Face masks and Fetishes

By David Muboki

Recently the minister of health was seen addressing a throng of her supporters contrary to the SOPs in the fight against covid19. She had her mask smartly kept in a very clean khaki envelope.

This reminded me of our neighbour’s house boy who used to carry his condom in his wallet whenever he had a sex escapade but never used it. In the end the poor boy got infected with HIV/AIDS.

In a related context, in the early 1990s Prof. Isaac Newton Ojok, a former Minister in the Obote II government joined an insurgent group of the holy Spirit movement if Alice Lakwena a self styled prophetess.

Surprisingly the good professor had fortified himself with fetishes that we’re said would turn the National Resistance Army-NRA bullets to water.

Incidentally I have seen several Ugandans walking through the crowded streets of Kampala with the masks in the pockets or loosely hanging below their chins and I am wondering what is the purpose of the mask.

Is this any different from the house boy in Sironko who used to carry his condom in the pocket and would go live for the game? Our society is quite superstitious and so whoever is in charge should bear that in mind. Be exemplary and clear in your instructions.

David Muboki is a distinguished teacher of the English language and a seasoned writer.

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