ONC Greater Mpigi Coordinator Chairman Kaweesi asks Sseninde to work with Namyaalo on Mobilization

The Head of Mobilization in the National Resistance Movement Rosemary Sseninde has praised the organization, Mobilization and capacity building skills of Mr. Suleiman Kaweesi, the Coordinator Office of the National Chairperson in the Greater Mpigi.

Kaweesi was appointed last year as the Coordinator of the Office of the NRM National Chairperson in Mpigi District. He was later promoted to the Coordinator of the Greater Mpigi region in the districts of Gomba, Mpigi and Butambala.

The farmer and area leader at Kamaliba landing site has for long been investing in the mobilization for the office of the National Chairperson within the region.

“He has not only been giving us resources but also, engaging in ground mobilization. He has done all it takes to ensure that the President further regains the Greater Mpigi support. No other person has done such tedious work like him,” says one of the youth leaders in Mpigi.

On Tuesday, several leaders from the NRM party gathered in Butambala to evaluate the progress in the mobilization of support within the area.

However, the Head of Mobilization in NRM, Ms Rosemary Sseninde was mesmerized by the support and popularity of Mr. Suleiman Kaweesi, the coordinator and chief Mobilizer of the party within the region.

“I want to thank you for not only loving the people but also investing time and resources in ensuring that NRM wins and regains the region. It is such tremendous work you have done,” Sseninde praised Kaweesi.

She indicated that the party will continue working with Kaweesi to ensure that he transcends the message of prosperity and gather support for the ruling party.

On his part, Kaweesi whose presence elicited the crowd pledged continued support to the party. “I want to also bring back all our supporters who moved to the red corner because of unreasonable circumstances.” Kaweesi said.

Kaweesi has also provided Ugx 1 million to Team NRM a pressure group that helped in the mobilization of supporters in the area. Also the Chairperson offered Ugx 500,000 to the Abazukulu, Jjaja Tova ku Main for mobilizing NRM supporters to join the cause.

He also asked Sseninde to cordially work with Hajjati Uzeiye Namyaalo, the Head of the Office of the National Chairperson to ensure that NRM thrives in the coming electoral season.


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