Old students struggling to restore Nkumba primary’s lost glory

Former students at Nkumba Primary School have come up with new incentives and ideas of restoring the long lost glory of one of the oldest and most affordable early childhood learning centers in Entebbe and annex Katabi Town council.

Established in 1951 by a one Salongo Kintu, most of the children within the Katabi town council area found hope to getting to school since many feared trekking long distances to get to ‘nearby’ schools, notably Kisubi and Namate in Entebbe.

To many parents, the only solution was to let their children sit at home to grow old enough to walk those long distances to school. Salongo Kintu established contact with the prominent people around, holding a series of meetings which later brought the idea to fruition.

In February 1952, he engaged Mr. Christopher Kisolo, who became the first Headmaster. On the following day, Mr. Kisolo started implementing the long-awaited idea with 10 pupils, with teaching and learning taking place at the “Kitawuluzi” in the courtyard of Mr. Charles Ffulu, located in present day Nkumba Bufulu.

This is where the school was until the late Nelson Nkalubo Ssebuggwawo donated land, leading to its relocation to its current home along Entebbe Road.

The School has since produced a number of prominent women and men who joined renowned institutions, currently living and working in different countries around the world.

The school despite its tremendous achievements has suffered setbacks which among others include the dilapidation of the school premises which greatly needed upgrade and repairs. It is upon such background that old students, led by the UK based Godfrey Sekisonge engaged the wide scope of the old boys and girls to ensure that the schools lost glory is restored.

The Old Students have now raised about fifteen million Uganda Shillings (Ugx 15,000,000) cash and thirty-two million (Ugx 32,000,000) in pledges which support will be extended towards renovation of the school in a phased approach.

“I call upon all the former students, parents, current and former members of staff, friends and well-wishers of Nkumba Primary School to join hands in giving back to bring the school back to its glory”, says Mrs. Marjorie Mubeezi Kalemeera, the Headmistress.

Godfrey Sekisonge, the Interim Alumni chairperson

Godfrey Sekisonge, the interim chairperson of the Old boys and girls association says he is happy even within the current lock down where all Ugandans have been facing difficulty, there are positive effects that set an example, challenging the future generation whose foundation will start from Nkumba primary school to learn how to give back to such initiatives since it is a stepping stone to quality education.

“Nkumba made us. The school gave us a good foundation, upon which we have ended to serve the whole world in various capacities. We are now global citizens with a wealth of experience in different fields. Some of us are now teachers and grandparents. We have achieved a lot that the Nkumba spring board sprung us to.” He says

Sekisonge also called upon all well-wishers to engage the cause.


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