NUP flag bearers Reject Mohammed Ssegirinya

The National Unity Platform(NUP) Local Council flag bearers in Kawempe North have rejected Mohammed Ssegirinya as Legislative flag bearer for Kawempe North citing incompetence.

Ssegirinya, who is the current Local Council V councilor in Kawempe North was last week nominated by NUP Electoral Management Committee ahead of Sulaiman Kidandala.

In the petition presented to the NUP Electoral Management Committee, 40 out of the 48 NUP local council flag bearers voted against the idea of fielding Mohammed Ssegirinya for the legislative slot.

The flag bearers maintain that Ssegirinya’s behavioral nature and character are lacking for a Member of Parliament, and therefore he cannot win them the position.

According to the Kawempe flag bearers, Sulaiman Kidandala is a better candidate opposed to Ssegirinya, and threaten to move with Kidandala if he runs as an independent candidate.

This comes at a time when Incumbent Latif Ntege Ssebagala has returned to the Kawempe North Picture, after dropping his interest in the Kampala Lord Mayor slot last month.

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