NRM Primaries: Katabi Registrar Kivumbi on the spot for manufacturing results


Polling agents representing candidates Lwanga Charles Gongola and Ronald Ssenyondwa have tasked Katabi NRM Registrar Muhammad Kivumbi to account for the changes in results.

Kivumbi is on the spot for manufacturing declaration forms with contradicting results as per those from the different polling stations in order to benefit Incumbent Peter Ssematimba who has trailed at different polling stations.

Muhammad Kivumbi, who is pinned for facilitating irregularities in Katabi Town Council

Results from Bendegere, Bugabo, Bulega and Bufulu are still missing and results from Nalugala where Ssematimba is said to have got only 2 votes have been changed to a solid 502 votes.

The provisional results in Katabi show that Lwanga Secured 991 votes and Ssematimba secured only 948 votes, but the results have been boosted to a whopping 1200 votes for Ssematimba.

Elsewhere, In Sissa reports indicate that several voters have received payoffs from agents working for Peter Ssematimba.

The matter has been reported to the Deputy Resident District Commissioner for Reference, and all documents have been secured and forwarded to the Wakiso NRM secretariat with a Police guard accompanied by the disgruntled agents and the registrar.

“We have tried to ensure that the process goes on peacefully, but we are faced with hiccups from Katabi mainly in Nalugala and Bendegere, reports show that the results have been changed and Declaration sheets misplaced.” RDC Hajji Noor Njuki

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