NRM Primaries: Entebbe, Kalangala bars run out of alcohol on polling day

All bars in Major Landing sites including Kigungu, Nakiwogo and Bugonga in Entebbe, Misonzi, Kachanga, Kitobo, Kisaba, Namisoke, Jaana and Nkose in Kalangala have by Friday morning run short of alcohol.

The Liquor is said to have been given out to the different NRM supporters as part of the activities that entice voters to cast ballots in favour of the different candidates in the NRM Primaries that are ongoing.

In Entebbe the main candidates in the NRM Pol include incumbent Rose Tumusiime, Stephen Shaka Gasaija and Madiinah Zalwango. In Kalangala, incumbent Carol Nanyondo Birungi is battling with Brian Keitira to win the NRM party card.

Both Shaka and Tumusiime in Entebbe have been slashing cash to the electorate, buying alcohol in densely populated areas so as to win hearts and minds of the NRM Voters.

“We first of all increased the prices of alcohol but still, the candidates agents came and bought it all and we are now trying to secure more alcohol for victory parties in the evening.” Ritah Namukasa, one of the bar managers in Kigungu said.

In Kalangala, one could not find specific brands from major landing sites of Kitobo, Misonzi, Kachanga in Bufumira, Kisaba in Kyamuswa, Namisoke and Jaana in Bubeke and Nkose in Mazinga Sub Counties by 2.00am.

Enock Kisaakye, a bar attender at Misonzi landing site says, people kept celebrating, chanting their different candidates’ names as more alcohol was being sent in to the revellers freely.

“We had to ask boat operators to quickly get to Entebbe, stock more beer and waragi. However, we found challenges since most deports in Entebbe had run out of stock.” He says.

More than six 20 litre jericans of local brew were later brought into each landing site as voters took on the celebrations.

During election seasons, voters usually demand that contestants buy them drinks for if they would vote them to power. Electoral laws in the do not guarantee the buying out of voters to engage in an electoral process.

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