NRM Mobilisers in Buganda launch scientific campaign system

NRM mobilizers in the Buganda region under their association Buganda NRM Museveni Mobilisers-Diehards Group launched their strategic plan ahead of the 2021 General Elections on Wednesday.

The Group intends to travel across the 27 districts of Buganda and beyond on a vote hunt, with 3 state of the art digital billboard trucks as the pivot of their campaign trail.

According to Group patron Natasha Asiimwe Tukahirwa, they will also employ conventional methods such as door to door but scientifically starting on the 4th of November.

“We are aware of the spreading COVID-19 scourge, but we will be careful to safeguard our health as mobilisers and the health of the electorate, we are using what we have to ensure that the president wins with a high percentage in 2021” said Tukahirwa

Robert Rwakandare addresses the crowd.

The vehicles were commissioned by the Statehouse Political Director and Mobiliser Robert Rwakandare who advised the mobilisers to stay strong amidst cropping hooliganism from other parties and be proud of their party NRM. The Director thanked Tukahirwa and co for the good work they are doing for the party and promised to provide logistical support to the group.

However, the mobilisers didn’t miss a chance to take a swipe at “lazy hypocritical” mobilisers that are joining the party with the intent to make easy money from the president.

William Muwanga, who is the Group coordinator indicated that their driving power has always been the love for the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, and they’re not here to look for money.

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  • October 29, 2020 at 7:43 am

    It’s really a good idea and we love such a spirit


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