Nkumba residents lynch thief

Residents of Nkumba Katabi Town council in Wakiso district have this morning lynched a man over suspected to be a thief.

Residents said that two men broke into the household of Mr. Jamil Ssenyonga and cut him with machetes to near death but residents were able to respond to Mr. Ssenyonga’s alarms and came to his rescue lynching one of the unidentified thieves to death.

Mr Ssenyonga who sustained deep cuts was taken to Kisubi hospital while the second assailant managed to escape the residents’ rage.

The residents expressed dismay at the courts of law for handing short sentences to people convicted of theft.

Ms. Sharon Kabasinga the wife to Ssenyonga said the two thieves broke into their house at 5 am armed with machetes and started hacking her husband who fought back.

Police later transported the body to Mulago hospital for postmortem.

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