Nkumba residents in fear of crocodile attacks

By George William Kakooza

Residents of Nkumba in katabi Town council Wakiso district are living in fear of their lives after a reported sighting of two crocodiles along the lake shores that might attack them.

Residents that our reporter spoke too allege that the crocodiles escaped from Uganda Wild Life Education Center (Entebbe ZOO) Settled along the Kyewaga Forest Reserves, that is  shared by 4 villages of Nkumba Central, Abaita Ababiri, Kitinda and Nkumba Bufulu, though UWEC has declined the allegations.

Nkumba Central Local Council One Chairperson, Peter Mponye, while directing to Entebbe Post  reporter at site in Kitinda, said that these animals were seen by little boys who had gone for swimming at the shores, and found two huge crocodiles, and alerted Security Operatives in this area” Mponye said

George alias Malave told Entebbepost that he sighted one of the crocodiles on Tuesday 24th March 2020 morning when he had come to cast fishnets at the shoreline.

“I had come to trap fish at the shore line and saw one of the crocodiles swimming towards me, I decided to fore go fishing while alarming for rescue from the general Public” he said.

In an Interview with the Uganda Wild Life Education Center (UWEC) Public Relations Officer, Eric Ntalo, about the resident’s allegations on the said dangerous reptiles, he asserted that ‘UWEC has four crocodiles and which are all in their respective cages, but in strong collaboration with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) are ready to rescue the residents from any danger’ Ntalo asserted. 

He further advised the General Public to stay away from the said wild Animals and take note that these are dangerous reptiles to Humans

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