Nkumba Primary School: Class of 98 provide major boost to school rebuild drive

Alumni of Nkumba Day and Boarding Primary School Class of 1998, led by their Class President Yosiya Kimogofu have donated UGX 14 million to help renovate the boys dormitory.

The initiative is a continuation of the rebuild process to restore the school’s lost glory started by Nkumba Primary Alumni Association , with phase 1 complete and phase 2 underway with emphasis on classroom blocks, the third phase will aim at renovating the boys dormitory.

According to Kimogofu, it is their duty as former students to stand with the school, the poor state of the school pushed them to pool funds and restore the glory of their school.

The group also donated food items to the resident teachers who have since remained at the school during the COVID-19 partial lockdown.

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