Nkumba Primary School Alumni walk the talk with vibrant second renovation phase

Nkumba Primary School Alumni Contribution:

  • 1st Phase: Ugx.12,500,000 (Renovation of 2 blocks – 8 Classrooms) – *Completed
  • 2nd Phase: Ugx. 14,604,00 (Renovation of 2 blocks – 7 Classrooms) *Soon to commence

For a lengthy epoch, the building structures at the 1951 founded Nkumba Primary school have been crying aloud for a much needed face-lift.

As you step foot at the facility through a rusty gate, an old brown roofing, falling off face-boards, dilapidated buildings and outgrown grass in the compound accord you a harsh unpalatable welcome.

Previously an academic giant not only in Wakiso District, but also in the whole country, Nkumba Primary School was also outstanding in music and sports but has since recorded diminishing marginal returns in terms of quality educational grades.

To-date, the vibrant school alumni association is on a mission possible to revamp the institution that is sandwiched by Nkumba University and St Apollo Kivebulaya Church, Nkumba.

Amid the challenges and grey areas, there is a positive to report about home as regards improving the teaching and learning environment.

Finally, some ray of light is envisaged at the end of the tunnel with the completion of the initial renovation phase whose value stands at UGX.12,500,000.

The decent works included wall sanding, filling, plastering, board, ceiling replacement and repair, painting, floor reconstruction and repairs.

The additional works included stone casting and repair of verandas to protect the walls from running water and construction of disability friendly access along the entry points on all blocks renovated.

Preliminary enhancements to the Administration Block included replacement of broken glasses in the School Library (Book Store) as a quick fix to prevent the imminent damage of textbooks by rain, wind and dust.

This was disclosed to the media during a media inter-face held at the school on Friday, August 28, 2020 where the second phase was officially launched with the hand over of works completed as well as the signing of an MOU between Nkumba Primary School and the Nkumba Primary School Alumni Association.

This phase curtains the financial and technical support to the renovation of the school.

The signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Nkumba Primary and Nkumba Primary School Alumni Association

“On behalf of the School Management Committee and the School Administration, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Old Students for the generosity and love they have demonstrated by giving bac to the school. With the sacrifices made, important improvements have been implemented. This additional support will further improve and strengthen the structures and enhance the teaching and learning environment,” Mrs. Marjorie Kalemeera Mubeezi, the school headmistress confessed.

Two classroom blocks (PA and Infant) that accommodate four classes have had an overhaul with a refresh layer of cement on the floors as well as painted walls.

The second phase will cost UGX. 14,604,000 and be expected to kick off at the advent of September 2020.

This phase will entail 2 building blocks with 7 classrooms.

Richard Ssemwanga delivered the message on behalf of the Nkumba Primary School Alumni Association (NPSA) Chairman Godfrey Sekisonge, who is currently staying in the United Kingdom.

Godfrey Sekisonge, the Interim Alumni chairperson

Sekisonge expressed his appreciation to the Old Students, school administration and the Engineer for swiftly implementing the renovation works.

“It’s a pleasure to note that within a period of three weeks, essential renovations have been implemented to secure the buildings and enhance them. l further appeal to all the old students, friends and well-wishers of to join hands in restoring the glory of the school,” Ssemwanga delivered Sekisonge’s message.

Some of the Alumni inspect the classrooms

The Chairman, Nkumba Primary School – Alumni Association David Christopher Kasasa vowed to present the proper accountability for the funds collected by the Alumni.

Flanked by the vice chairman Richard Senoga, engineer Robert Kitayimbwa and Mubeezi, Kasasa lauded the Alumni.

“I thank God for the gift of life and our school. Most of the famous schools were demolished to pave way for constructions. Thanks to God, that Nkumba Primary School is still here. The Alumni has added value. We vow for proper accountability for this renovation. We call upon more than old students to join the bandwagon.” Kasasa remarked.

At long last, there are smiles and giant steps undertaken by this historic Government aided educational facility.

That said, school’s motto spelt out in bold “Kyosimba Onaanya” loosely translated “You achieve what you planted jokingly” has indeed lived to pass in the face of the enthusiastic old students.

One of the old buildings at Nkumba Primary School

Nkumba Primary School Background:

The idea of establishing Nkumba Primary School was conceived by the late Ssalongo Kintu in 1951, realizing that most of the children in the area could not make it to school owing to the long distances they had to walk to the then ‘nearby’ schools, notably Kisubi and Namate in Entebbe.

To many parents, the only solution was to let their children sit at home to grow old enough to walk those long distances to school.

The late Kintu established contact with the prominent people around in a series of meetings which later brought the idea to fruition.

On 5th February 1952, he deployed the late Christopher Kisolo, who became the first Headmaster.

On the following day, 6th February 1952, Mr. Kisolo started implementing the long-awaited idea with 10 pupils, with teaching and learning taking place at the Kitawulu in the courtyard of the late Charles Ffulu, in present day Nkumba Bufulu.

This is where the school was until the late Nelson Nkalubo.

Ssebuggwawo donated land, leading to its relocation to its current home along Entebbe Road.

L-R: George William Kakooza, Edward Mugenyi and Noordin Juuko some of the former students at Nkumba Primary School

Nkumba Primary School has since produced a number of prominent women and men who joined renowned secondary schools, universities and tertiary institutions across the country and beyond.

The alumni are currently living and working in different countries across the globe.

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