NGO Bureau dismantles the Election Watch group

The Uganda Non Government Organisations Bureau (NGO Bureau) has halted operations and all activities of the newly formed NGO coalition – National Election Watch Uganda (NEW-You).

The NEW-You coalition was formed with the intent of observing the Electoral processes starting with the 2021 General Elections and has 65 NGOs that subscribe to it.

In a presser hosted on Thursday at the Uganda Media Centre, NGO Bureau Public Relations Officer- Patrick Onen Ezaga indicated that the move is to ensure that the law is respected to avoid loose coalitions.

“In our findings, we noticed that the Coalition was not formed based on law, out of the 65 subscribers of the coalition, only 42 are full-fledged organizations, only 6 are updated in the current register and 11 are not registered.” Ezaga said

He added that NEW-You subscribers will be prosecuted further for orchestrating an illegal movement that defies the NGO act and asked the public to be vigilant.

“Organisations can come together for a specific purpose, but the process should be legal, they need to be premised on the law and legal facts or it is void. We are not against coalitions but the law must be met” Ezaga added

Ezaga also noted that all election observers must be accredited by the Electoral Commission.

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