Nature and Fun: How Fort Portal Fiesta reignited Tourism, Adventure

Tourism is fun. Nature meets beauty. Fun and experience thrive as people retreat for fascinating adventure.

This is how it goes. People meet up, with new faces, sharing greetings in a bus as residents of beauty, men of valor, all armed with hypothetical feelings of what it is, to live in a quantum world.

Off to Fort Portal is where Travel Space Africa and Ssese Tours found the right destination for nature lovers with a theme, “Fort Portal Fiesta 2023.

The Crater Lakes, beautiful sceneries, the Jaz and fun filled a travel van with thigh land’s major description of the residents of beauty, sitting high above a Potomac reminiscing love, life and liberty.

For day one, the travelers crossed from Kampala to Lodge Bella Vista at Kasunganyanja, Bunyabuguru District.

“It was real fun. We interacted, we danced in the bus as we also enjoyed music and the nice places as we entered Fort Portal,” says one of revelers.

The first day had three stop overs in Mityana, Mubende before crossing to the final destination in Fort Portal. At all instances, a refill of the drinks, liquor ensured as men, women made funny jokes and the extension of freebies as each one engaged with sights and sounds.

At the hotel, it was dinner all through. The winning and dining had people first refresh as each choose lodging to the close friends they made on the trip.

“It was natural. The team was all lively. It’s such an experience I had for long missed,” a another reveler who enjoyed the trip said.

Lodge Bella Vista is alone, a fantastic place to be. With mostly natural and clean environment, the hotel’s ambience is one welcoming and suit for an earthly paradise with good service and responsive staff.

Hotel Manager, Mark Kibirango would reach out for immediate feedback to ensure guests have a fun filled Fiesta. And yes, good food it were, always ready and timely.

A camp fire was later lit for ‘Kiboozi’ was the Fiesta was all being Introduced for all to know what it were really about.

Day two was also fascinating. “We spent it at the Lodge while having board games. Our girls showed up with the glittering bodies for swimming. Ohh my, we were the right people to light up the facility on that day. All eyes were on us,” one other organizers told this site.

A photo shoot too ensured, making memories documented for an adventure worth reflection. The night life entertainment to welcomed the flowers that see color to Fort Portal.

A pool party in a home away from home with BBQ dinner made the team enjoy all delicacies around with varieties within the Tooro Kingdom.

Day three started like any other day, with Breakfast and aqaintance of what activities would be engaged in on the day.

Semuliki National Game Reserve was the destination. A visit of both the Female and Male Hot spring left a memoir for the auxins as each of the team members chose a treat with a photo at the springs.

A cooking experiment at the springs was also adopted, seeing close to all the team cooking matooke, boiling eggs to examine the capacity of the hot springs boil to the highest centigrade degrees.

“The experiment takes 25 to 30 minutes for everything to be ready for anyone to start eating.” Nice Jose, the team leader told this website.

Well as the team missed visiting the Tooro Palace which was under renovation, everyone was satisfied with the fun-filled to trip.

“It was worthwhile, beauty fun meeting nature in the wilderness. Your Ugx 600,000 is worth such fun we should once in a while have to refresh minds and have memories.”

Upon embarking on a return journey, a stop over in the Fort Portal tourism City was made, meeting up with new people, for a welcoming society.

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