Nambooze: Bajjo is a candidate for Butabika mental hospital

Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze has said, events Promoter Bajjo is a candidate for Butabika mental hospital.

The legislator’s allegations follow Bajjo’s video apologizing to Robert Kyagulanyi the NUP president asking to be forgiven.

Bajjo had, together with another events promoter Abitex dropped People Power and the later Nationbal Unity Platform for NRM. He however regretted the move.

 “I regret why I used to abuse Bobi Wine, I’m so sorry. It’s me Mukasa asking you Kyagulanyi to forgive me. I’m so sorry.” Bajjo said on Monday.

He also claimed, President Museveni never bought him to abuse Bobi Wine adding that his act was disrespectful.

On the other hand, Mukono MP Nambooze claims, Bajjo is not mentally okay and that he needs to be admitted to Butabika Hospital for treatment before involving Bobi Wine in what she calls comedy.

“I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. But we urgently need a psychiatrist for this man. Bajjo if you’re not mad, don’t cry for Hon. Kyagulanyi. He doesn’t own the struggle. He only leads those who have found it within their mind to have him as their leader. And if you allow me to remind you, Hon. Kyagulanyi set up a formula to establish who is with the people,” Nambooze wrote on her facebook page.

She added, “He said Tulibalabira ku bikolwa byabwe” (They shall be known by their deeds). So bwoba ewa Museveni kati ate ovuddeyo, go in the field and mobilize other Ugandans to join you to make a contribution towards the People’s effort against Dictatorship. Meanwhile true or lies…Ki Uganda mukifudde ekinyuma!”

It must be recalled that last year when Bajjo crossed to the ruling party-NRM, he embarked on a verbal exchange with NUP supporters and their principal Robert Kyagulanyi.

On several occasions, Bajjo has been claiming that the NUP leader is a drug addict and fraudster looking for a better living. Such comments endangered him with the vast majority of NUP supporters who claim all defectors are motivated by materialistic gains such as money.

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