Nambole Covid-19 facility to start operations today

The facility which has been suited with 210 beds, will start receiving patients as early as today according to the COVID-19 case management team.

The ready beds have been halved into 2 wards. The ward for male patients has 104 beds fitted with mattresses while 106 beds will be left for female patients. A 2meter space separates the beds.  

The ministry was handed over the management of the facility officially by the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) that carried out improvement works on the sports facility.

Health ministry permanent secretary Dr Diana Atwine said that the facility will be used to manage asymptomatic patients. She said that Uganda made a decision to manage all COVID-19 positive cases at designated places to avoid further spread of the disease.   

“Science shows if you’re shedding virus, then you’re more dangerous to the people around and therefore transmission continues and continues and continues. That is why for us our approach is slightly a bit different from a number of countries. For us, we believe that we’re able to get every person who has positive results and is shedding virus, we’re able to minimize the spread of the infection. And that is why from March up to now, we have registered 3,000 [cases] while many of our counterparts who have registered in tens and thousands. So we still believe that this is the best.” said Atwine. 

This comes as medics under the Uganda Medical Association have advocated for the introduction of home care for asymptomatic cases so as to free the overwhelmed hospitals. The facility will be run by health workers from Kiriddu referral hospital.

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