Nalubaale Buffer Zone Encroachers face Eviction regardless of “ownership”

It still feels like yesterday since President Museveni directed dwellers within the Nalubaale buffer zone to start packing during one of his many Covid-19 State Addresses.

The responsible government agencies such as National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) came out armed with plans to fulfill this masterpiece and issued eviction notices to several homes in wetlands and also set new zones for landing sites in Entebbe and elsewhere.

Anyway, Lake Victoria had already started to fight back to regain its original territory, shattering many establishments and seizing off landing sites with her swelling water levels.

One of the affected homes in Kigungu, it has since been abandoned.

Several residents have been able to send themselves packing peacefully and the greater section is stuck in the ruined areas with no where else to go. This is the only home they have.

Some settled into the buffer zones without knowing, others clearly knew what would eventually befall them, but hoped for government compensation if they were to move, a few driven by bandwagon effects, others are simply victims of fraudsters that sold state property to them.

The Eviction process has now escalated quite quickly with the illegal dwellers in Lugonjo- Nakiwogo in Entebbe that live on a fraction of Namiiro Wetland served with a notice to self evacuate in 21,regardless of the Coronavirus pandemic by the time of writing they have about 12days to go.

The Notice has formed different opinions from political leaders and the local folk, some willing to leave and others seeking compensation. Some seeking legal aid and others resorting to riots. Some believe it is the water that did come to them and others saw it coming, but none can win against nature.

This made the Parliamentary committee on presidential affairs set foot in some of the affected areas like Kigungu and Bugonga to assess and find the best solution for the locals.

The committee members walk through the badly hit areas of Kigungu-Misoli

Led by Entebbe Municipality Member of Parliament Rosemary Tumusiime, they were able to collect opinions from the locals and as well as the leadership. A report will be filed and further tabled in Parliament to find a proper plan to navigate this.

According to the chairperson of the committee, Hon. Jesca Ababiku indicated that they would report their findings and see how to provide immediate and as well as long term remedies for the affected persons. And see how they can combat a possible outbreak of other diseases away from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Affected Areas include: Bugonga Landing Site, Lugonjo, Nakiwogo, Kasenyi, Katabi, Kitubulu, Kasenyi, Busi, Kasanje and others.

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