MV Kalangala Taken to Tanzania

Information coming from the Ministry of Works and Transport indicates that MV Kalangala, the Marine Vessel that plies from Nakiwogo – Entebbe to Lutoboka in Kalangala has been taken to Tanzania.

Documents seen by Entebbe Post from the Ministry of Works indicate that well as the Vessel would have been repaired in Bwerenga Kawuku on a Sleep way privately owned by a Sand Mining company, Works Permanent Secretary directed that the Vessel can be taken to Mwanza Tanzania on a Dry Docking site for alternative maintenance.

A source in the Ministry of Works told Entebbe Post that it is profitable for the operators to take the Vessel in Mwanza since they would have more resources deliberated by Government towards the cause.

“Thats why it was short notice that even disregarded the Works Minister’s Directive to have the Vessel repaired in Kawuku,” the source noted.

It has been noted that the Minister of Works and Transport Gen Katumba Wamala was not copied in the letter.

Government earmarks about UGX 500 million annually to repair MV Kalangala.

It is also understood that the Vessel could not be repaired at the Floating Dock in Luzira, Kampala but by the time the vessel was taken, Uganda Railway Corporation had loaded MV Kaawa, a Rail Wagon Vessel that transports Cargo from Uganda to Tanzania.

“We advised MV Kalangala Operators not to suspend operations because MV Kaawa was not the dock and it couldn’t be repaired but they ignored the advice,” noted Engineer Aggrey Ogiambo a senior engineer at Portbell, Luzira.

MV Kalangala’s Insurance and Servicing has since February 9th this year been overdue.

The Vessel, since suspending services has left traders and travelers to and from Kalangala stranded with no Marine Vessel to transport them.

Other vessels including MV Natalie and SENCATA had Operations suspended by Government.

The Kalangala District Chairperson Willy Lugoloobi says, the more than 200 million daily due to the suspension of the Ferry Services.

Ferry Operator Nation Oil Distributors Limited says the transportation of the ferry to Mwanza is meant to improve services of the vessel.

However, information from the Mwanza dry docking site indicates that the engineers supposed to maintain the vessel are not available since they can’t travel to and from Tanzania due to the current COVID 19 travel ban.

Works state Minister Joy Kabatsi says she will follow up on the matter.

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