Musician Irene Ntale Donates some “ka money” to Ugandans on Twitter

By Lawrence Mushabe

Ugandan songbird Irene Ntale has today won the hearts of the Ugandan Twitter Community when she decided to share her “kamoney” with her fellow lockdown “Inmates”.

In a tweet Ntale asked those in need to declare a genuine cause for the need and add their mobile money numbers. The tweet became a mega trend and Diva was on a giving spree as she was sending 50,000 Ugshs to all that had proper reasons.

Irene Ntale’s Tweet

We can’t tell how many have benefitted from the gift that Irene Ntale has given due to the multiple thousands of retweets and comments, as I speak People cannot seem too stop commenting and reacting with praises and thanks.

Some of the comments on Ntale’s tweet.

Multitudes still applauding the new Mother Teresa’s selflessness and some bunch of hopefuls who still need to have a bite of the “Ka money”.

Frank Gashumba’s tweet

Socialite Frank Gashumba, Bukedde Tv’s Moses Walugembe and many other prominent names have given the singer a mighty Twitter applause for her generous heart to lockdown inmates.

The Star promises to have a go at it again and generously share what she has. But we hope other celebrities join this trend.

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