Museveni’s brother, daughter in law, in bitter fight to replace Minister Sam Kuteesa

There is a bitter fight between two different political candidates, all relatives of President Yoweri Museveni, seeking to replace Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kahamba Kuteesa in Mawogola North MP seat.

The Interesting race has so far seen Sam Kuteesa’s daughter Shartsi Musherule Kuteesa and twin sister to 1st Son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s wife Charlotte as one of the contenders. Her immediate rival is her father-in-law Sodo Aine Kaguta, younger brother to President Museveni & Uncle to Muhoozi.

The quest has seen massive entrance of the security forces, to not only protect the country’s very important people, but also take sides in embracing each camp to remain a darling for the people within the area.

Shatsi Kutesa Musherure’s bid to succeed her father Sam Kutesa as Mawogola North MP in Sembabule received a boost after her in-law, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, described her as a trustworthy person. Similar words were deliberated by her father Sam Kahamba Kuteesa while being introduced last year.

Gen Kainerugaba, who is married to Musherure’s twin sister Charlotte, made the declaration at an event dubbed “Goberera” which was organized by Musherure at Sembabule Playground last year.

“I am an army officer not a politician. Ms Musherure is my in-law. She is a twin sister to my wife and what I know about her is that, she is religious, trustworthy and not a thief,” Gen Muhoozi told the gathering that also included Sam Kutesa.

The event was attended by thousands of people, including Sembabule District Chairman Elly Muhumuza, area Woman MP Anifa Kawooya, Sam Kutesa and Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, the State minister for Youth and Children affairs

Sodo Aine Kaguta

The endorsement came handy for Musherure who is set to face off with President Museveni’s young brother Sodo Aine Kaguta. So is also eyeing the same Mawogola County North Seat.

Both Musherure and Sodo Aine Kaguta are currently struggling hard to ensure that they win the hearts and minds of the population to ensure that they pick the NRM card before the General elections kick off. The NRM primaries for Parliamentary seats are set to be held on 4th of this month.

“By the time such elections are held, there will be enough bloodshed as the two camps fight hard to ensure they triumph.” A security source within Sembabule says.

Sembabule, time immemorial has had bloodshed and bitter contests amongst the different candidates as they set foot to contest in the different political positions. With Kuteesa retiring from elective politics, the contest now remains with Anifa Kawoya, Theodero Ssekikubo, Joy Kabatsi and the new entrants, Sodo Aine Kaguta and Shartsi Musherure.

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