Museveni posters being pinned in Public offices sends a wrong signal -FHRI

The Founder and Executive Director of the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) Mr livingstone Sewanyana said pinning posters for candidates running for office sends a wrong signal that even public offices could take sides.

“Whereas I would not have a problem with having posters in different public places, the challenge lies in having a monopoly of posters for one candidate and completely refuses others from being put up. Am aware at the Airport the only posters being put up are for president Museveni and no other posters of any candidate are allowed which sends a very wrong message” he said.

Mr Sewanya said in principal having posters in public places would not be a bad thing.

“The problem is that dealing with the nature of our politics, it seems to be a preserve of one candidate which sends a wrong signal that he could have a monopoly over the spacing, to avoid that in favor of the public interest that public places should be avoided” he said.

The NRM spokesperson Mr Rogers Mulindwa said campaign posters are not supposed to be in public offices but he finds no problem with a person carrying a poster of their desired candidate in their office.

“In government offices we only expect the official portrait of the president and maybe some other portraits depending on the circumstances. Government serves people without discrimination” he said.

Human rights lawyer Eron Kiiza said it’s not right since endorsement of projects by the office of the candidate whose posters are pinned in such office which is contrary to the cardinal duty of civil servants to be politically neutral.

“It is unequal and discriminatory treatment among candidates on account of their political opinion which is both wrong. It makes an awkward and tense environment especially for people opposed to the candidate whose posters are pinned in the office” he said.

However our repeated calls to the Electoral Commission spokesperson Mr Paul Bukenya on the matter went unanswered by press time.

Following the recent arrest, detention and consequential bailing out of embattled Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) acting director for human resource and administration, Ms Effrance Musimenta Mbagaya by the Entebbe Chief Magistrates court presided over by her worship Juliet Nakitende on Monday for ordering the removal of President Museveni’s campaign posters, which had been pinned on the corporation’s building and offices in Entebbe, some posters are still pinned up at the entrance of the head quarters which is seemingly turning the authority into a full parastatal.

On Wednesday morning as it rained, we visited the headquarters and found posters of President Museveni still pinned up at the entrance of the CAA offices.

However within the building, there were no campaign posters for the NRM candidate and business was going on as usual with workers maintaining the ministry of health Standard Operating procedures (SOP’s).

When contacted for comment on the ongoing developments, Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Spokesperson Mr Vianney Luggya said he could not give comment on the matter since it is before the courts of law.

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